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Rose Garden in Golden Gate Park

Until January 8, 1961, San Francisco had no municipal rose garden, although a two-acre informal one had existed in the park on Stanyan Street between Oak and Page Streets early in the century. Today, the park’s Rose Garden contains examples ranging from a simple single five-petal configuration of the wild rose to hybridized elegant blooms in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and fragrances. These delicately perfumed blossoms are a universal symbol of love and romance and offer the perfect backdrop for a budding relationship.


Dahlia Garden in Golden Gate Park 

Plans to build the Dahlia Garden were introduced in 1940 by Interstate Commerce Commission Director Richard T. Eddy and Park Superintendent John McLaren. Their intent was to cultivate dahlia species from all over the world and create an international garden.

Located inside the oval of the Conservatory of Flowers driveway turnaround, the kidney-shaped garden is tended by the Dahlia Society of California, whose members nurture its some 1,000 plants into full bloom by late August.


John McLaren Rhododendron Dell

The Rhododendron Dell is a 20-acre site, located in the heart of Golden Gate Park along Kennedy Drive near the Music Concourse. It was designed to honor John McLaren, the father of Golden Gate Park, with over 850 varieties of his favorite flower. The area includes a pathway system by which a visitor can view the collection. The Dell dates back to the early 1950s. Rhododendrons in Golden Gate Park are truly a labor of love because growing conditions have made it difficult to sustain healthy, long-lasting plants in the past. However, recent renovations and advanced gardening techniques have ensured the existence of the blooms – which provide a visual delight in the springtime.



Info provided by: SF Recreation and Park Department

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