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Redwood Memorial Grove: A Living Memorial in Golden Gate Park

A Tribute to Heroes

In the heart of San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Park lies a hidden gem that pays tribute to the heroes who sacrificed their lives during the Spanish-American War and World War I. The Redwood Memorial Grove, a serene and solemn place, stands as a living memorial to honor these brave soldiers.

A Historic Dedication

In 1919, a moving ceremony drew over 12,000 people, many dressed in mourning black, to dedicate this grove to the memory of those who served in World War I, which had just concluded seven months prior. It was a poignant moment in history, and the first tree specifically dedicated to these heroes was planted, adorned with a small American flag.

The Triangular Oasis

Covering a triangular-shaped 15-acre plot, the Redwood Memorial Grove is a tranquil sanctuary within the bustling park. The grove is home to noble evergreen coastal redwoods, also known as coastal sequoias (Sequoia sempervirens), which were lovingly dedicated by the Gold Star Mothers organization.

A Hidden Beauty

While many visitors to Golden Gate Park may notice the adjacent meadow and the Doughboy Statue with its laurel wreath, the Redwood Memorial Grove often escapes their attention. However, this grove, planted in 1930 in memory of war casualties, has grown over the years to form a dense and shady haven.

Whether you’re a local San Franciscan or a curious traveler exploring the city, the Redwood Memorial Grove offers a peaceful spot for reflection and remembrance. Its towering redwoods, planted with love and respect, stand as living symbols of the sacrifices made by the soldiers who served our nation during times of conflict.


Information Provided by: SF Recreation and Park Department

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