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Frequently asked questions.

GoRide E-Scooters and E-Trikes are powered by GoCar. GoCar is the world’s first GPS-guided storytelling vehicle.

What do I need to rent a GoRide Scooter?

  • You need:
    • to be at least 18 years old.
    • hold a valid government-issued photo ID.
    • have a credit card for the security deposit ($150 per E-Scooter and $300 per Rickshaw E-Trike)
    • Review, understand, and sign the rental agreement and waiver.
  • Arrive ready to have some fun!

Who Can Ride an Electric Scooter or Rickshaw E-Trike? Rider Requirements

Ages 18 + No drivers under age 18.
Please note that all renters must be 18 years or older to drive any of the E-Scooters/E-trikes and must possess a valid credit card and valid government-issued picture ID. A driver’s license is not required.
Note: an international license is not necessary, an international passport is accepted for ID.

Seats Per Scooter /Ages:
Our Fat Tire eScooters (1 Seat) do not accommodate passengers

Yellow eTrike (2 seats) Rear seat passenger must be at least 5+ years old.  Only One child or One Adult on the back seat of the Yellow E-Trikes. 

Rickshaw E-Trike (2 Seats) Rear seat passenger (s) must be at least 5+ years old.  Maximum Two small children or One Adult on the back bench seat of the Rickshaw E-Trikes. No Adult with a child on the back bench seat – please do not ask. 

Weights: Please note a maximum weight limit of 300lbs (136kg) for a single passenger on the Fat Tire eScooter and 300 lbs (181kg) total for the 2 passengers on the Yellow eTrike.

The Rickshaw E-Trike’s maximum weight limit is 450 lbs (204kg) total for all passengers.

Like all E-scooters, the performance and uphill speed may be limited depending on guest weight. The Rickshaw E-Trike is pedal assist and generous pedal use by the rider will extend the range and performance on hills. 

Helmets are required and will be provided.

How Long, Fast and Far Can I Ride?

The top speed of the San Francisco E-Scooter rental is around 20 mph (32 kph) and the average range between battery charges is 25 miles (40 km).

The battery life is around 1.5 to 2 hours with constant riding, but this can vary depending on factors such as hills, rider weight, and speed. 

If you ride at full speed without any stops, the range will be substantially less. Constant aggressive acceleration and braking will drastically reduce your range.  Gentle acceleration and coasting will ensure you make the entire tour distance. On the pedal assist Rickshaw E-Trikes the range and speed are helped by how much you pedal and at what speed setting.   

GPS-guided tours are set at a relaxed pace and the scooters /trikes have a limit on top speed, typically cruising between 5-20 mph (8-32 kph) for a safe and comfortable ride on crowded streets and bike trails.

Like all E-scooters and Pedal Assist E-Trikes, the performance and uphill speed may be limited depending on guest weight. 


How long does a tour loop take?

Our most popular tour loop to the Golden Gate Bridge is 1.5 hours long, of which approximately 1.25 hours is driving time.

Note: Route times are estimates based on average time and traffic conditions. All e-scooter / E-trike rentals are charged based on departure and return times.  

Where can I ride? Do I have to stay on Tour Route?

You are free to ride wherever you wish (exceptions below) as long as you obey all bicycle rules. If a sign is posted stating no bicycles are allowed then this also applies to you. 

IMPORTANT: Electric Scooters / E-Trikes are NOT allowed on the Golden Gate Bridge sidewalks or on the gravel trails along San Francisco Bay in the Presidio. You cannot take these E-scooters/E-Trikes across the Golden Gate Bridge. 

These E-scooters/Trikes are best on pavement. No off-road riding.

The best routes in San Francisco follow our amazing system of bike lanes and multi-use bike/pedestrian trails.

Do I have to stay on the tour route?
You can go freestyle if you want to, no problem. But the GPS only talks on the designated routes. The batteries last approximately 2 hours so your range is limited. 

Do you require a deposit for E-Scooter or E-Trike rentals?

Yes. Each rental will be charged a deposit: E-Scooter $150.00 deposit or $300.00 deposit per Rickshaw E-Trike.

This will not be charged to your card but an authorization to hold will be placed on the card.

Can children ride on the scooter with an adult?

The Yellow eTrike Scooters are 2 rider scooters. The back seat/ rear passenger age 5+. Only one child or one Adult on the back seat of the Yellow E-Trikes. 

The Rickshaw E-Trikes are 2 or 3 rider scooters. The back seat/ rear passenger age 5+. Only one Adult or 2 small children on the back bench seat of the Rickshaw E-Trikes. No adult seated with a child on the back bench seat – please do not ask!

The Fat Tire eScooters are 1 rider scooters. No passengers.

No small children (under age 5) or infants in laps or in child carriers.

Can I ride on the Golden Gate Bridge sidewalks?

NO. Due to very crowded pedestrian sidewalks, electric-powered scooters (and many other modes of transportation) are not allowed to ride onto the bridge sidewalks.

You will have an amazing stop up close at the Southern end of the bridge on this GPS-guided tour route.

NOTEWe do encourage guests to walk out onto the bridge sidewalks after parking their eScooter nearby.

The good news is: We do get amazing views of the Golden Gate BridgeHistoric Fort Point (built directly under the South approach), Bridge Overlook areas, and San Francisco Bay from our GPS-guided route and frequent stops.

Safety is a top priority on the bridge, and for that reason, Electric Scooters /E-trikes are not allowed to be ridden on the sidewalks to ensure the safety of the millions of visitors that come each year.

How Do I Learn to Ride a Electric Scooter?

We strongly suggest that all E-scooter and E-trike drivers have bike riding experience.

  • The Fat Tire E-Scooters(1 rider) require side-to-side balance similar to riding a bike.
  • The Yellow eTrike (2 rider) has 3 wheels so balancing is not as much of an issue.
  • The Rickshaw E-Trike requires some previous bike riding skills. It is a 7-speed pedal assist, Operating the Rickshaw E-Trike requires pedaling, gear selection, and using a throttle.  
    • If you do not have bike riding experience this might not be the best activity for you.
    • We include a short equipment operation video, and equipment recap session. The session is designed to provide riders with a quick overview of the controls, knowledge, and experience needed to safely operate the E-Scooters and E-trikes.
    • Due to time limits, we cannot provide riders with no previous bike riding experience with full training on riding and balancing.
    • Each E-Scooter / E-trike is equipped with a speed control/throttle and brake levers on the handlebars.
    • All riders are required to wear the provided helmets.
    • These E-scooters / E-Trikes are not classified as a mobility device. 

What If I arrive back late?

  • Late returns are no problem. If you are having fun, keep going – not past our posted closing time for the day.  
  • If you want to extend your rental, we charge in 1-minute increments based on our 36.00 extra hours rate.
  • Rental time is calculated from your departure from and return to the facility.
  • Rental time does not include check-in, video training, or returning paperwork and checkout. 
  • The last return time is generally at Sundown/Sunset.
  • The closing time for each day is posted at the rental facility.  If you return after closing time the rate is $1.00 a minute. 

What if it rains on the day of my booking?

  • It is fine to drive a GoRide e-scooter in the rain, but we can re-schedule your rental for another day or time. If weather conditions are extreme and you have no flexibility with regard to time, we can make a refund.

What happens if I damage the E-Scooter / E-Trike or it gets stolen?

As the rider, you are responsible for any accidental damages to the E-scooter /E-trike unit while it is in your possession. Before the ride, you will conduct an inspection of the unit and inform our staff of any damages found.

An additional fee of $7.50 per scooter can be paid at the time of booking or at guest check-in for damage coverage that will cover the cost of accidental damage to the unit, except for intentional damage or theft. There is a $150.00 deductible on this coverage. 

Please note that this does not cover theft of the scooter, lost scooter keys, lost helmet(s), lost scooter GPS phone(s), lost JBL speaker(s), or lost scooter lock(s). It only covers accidental damage to the e-scooter and does not cover damages to other guests, people, or property. This is not insurance.

Important: Riders are responsible for all damages to the Scooter and/or anything /anyone they may accidentally collide with.

Example: If you accidentally dent a car along the route you will be responsible for working out paying for damages directly with the vehicle owner

We do not offer accident insurance or coverage. Note this is a very very rare problem and we will help facilitate the communication between parties.

What Model and Type of Scooters Do You Use?

Our rentals with amazing GoRide GPS-guided tours to the Golden Gate Bridge and back are operated on three of the top-end Electric Scooter / E-Trike models:

Depending on the weather/road conditions and the rider’s weight/riding patterns battery life and mileage will vary greatly.

Like all E-scooters and pedal assist Trikes, the performance and uphill speed may be limited depending on guest weight. Helmets are required and will be provided. Constant aggressive acceleration and braking will drastically reduce your range.  Gentle acceleration and coasting will ensure you make the entire tour distance.

Are Scooters available for Corporate Outings, Team Building and Group Activities?

Yes, we’re happy to discuss how we can help you create a uniquely tailored corporate outing, team building activity – like a city scavenger hunt, or a fun group activity.
We can partner with GoCar for a large fleet of GoCars plus use GoRide e-scooters for larger groups.

Why should I book a reservation with GoRide Electric Scooters and E-Trikes?

GoRide is powered by GoCar. GoCar is the world’s first GPS-guided storytelling vehicle.

The custom navigation system guides you around San Francisco and the scooter talks to you, telling you all about the city. You can explore parts of San Francisco that the tour bus can’t reach and you will look cool doing it!

Looking for a Segway Tour? What happened to the Segway Tours?

We started Segway Tours in 2004 – one of the 1st Segway tour companies in the world. After 19 amazing and successful years, it was time for a change. We had a blast with our many guests from around the world.

If you want to purchase a Segway at a great price check out our or San Francisco Electric Tour Company Ebay store.

Check out our GPS-guided Electric scooters. An amazing guided and narrated tour experience to the Golden Gate Bridge.

I need a Mobility ScooterWhere can I Find Mobilty Scooter Rentals in San Francisco?

There are a few choices for Mobility  Scooter and Wheelchair Rentals in San Francisco

Some will deliver the equipment to your hotel. NOTE: We are not affiliated with these companies and have no additional information or expertise in Mobility Scooters or Wheelchairs. 

External Link Warning – You are leaving the Electric Tour Company website and heading to an external website(s): Electric Tour Company is not responsible for external websites. 


FAQ for GoCar E-Sport Vehicles

FAQ for GoCar E-Sport Vehicles is here


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