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History of Bercut Equitation Field

Golden Gate Park has a rich history dating all the way back to the 1860’s.  Much of this history includes horses.  Horses played an integral part in the forestation of Golden Gate Park.  Before 1904 only horses and bikes were allowed in the park, then came the cars.  As time passed the horses’ use changed and horses became scarcer in the park and surrounding city.  Horses were used for transportation, helped with the US lifesaving station, pulled wagons and carriages, brought building materials and other products to the park, pulled floats, carried policemen, held races and games in the Polo field, helped with military functions, pulled streetcars and were an integral; part of Kezar stadium.
In 2001 the main stable in Golden Gate Park was closed ending a 130-year span of horses in the park.  San Francisco Rec and Park has recently announced a search for an new operator to offer Horseback riding in the park starting in Summer 2024.



Info provided by: San Francisco Rec and Park

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