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Team Building Scavenger Hunts

Does the phrase "Team Building" inspire eye rolling and general skepticism from your workplace colleagues?

Aside from the fact that virtually everything is more fun on Segways, here are four reasons why your company’s employees will be talking about this Scavenger Hunt for years to come.

  • San Francisco is an irresistibly beautiful, history-rich city and there’s no better way to explore it than on a Segways.
  • Segways inspire joy. We’ve seen more than one rider giggle uncontrollably just by gliding around town. Talk about stress reduction!
  • Collaboration happens naturally when people are happy. The Segway Scavenger Hunts are a competition among teams but within each team, folks happily put their heads together to solve the clues that lead them to the next destination—where more clues await.
  • Segways are easy to ride and we ensure that everybody rolls safely by providing training before the adventure begins.


Scavenger hunts not your thing? We are now offering Team Building private group Segway Tours for 10 to 36 guests  starting in either our Fisherman's Wharf or Golden Gate Park locations.

How does it work?

Join us on a one-of-a kind Team Building Experience as you compete with your teammates on an exciting Scavenger Hunt through beautiful San Francisco

  • First our entertaining guides will provide one on one training and before you know it you will be solving your first clue and gliding through the city or park.
  • Challenge your team as they work together solving puzzles and clues that lead them to historic landmarks and buildings throughout the North-Eastern portion of San Francisco.
  • Once your team reaches it’s destination you will need to complete a task. Upon completion of your task your guide will provide you with the next puzzle and then away you go!
  • Glide through Fisherman’s’ Wharf, North Beach, Russian Hill, Telegraph Hill, and along the Waterfront on this fun-filled Segway Scavenger Hunt!
  • Teams will have a blast gliding through the city as they compete against each other for bragging rights and glory! Along the way your Scavenger Hunt guides will share tidbits and trivia about your next destination.
  • Our Segway Scavenger Hunts are 2.5 to 2.75 hours long, including rider training before departure.
  • We don’t want to give away any of the destinations that our puzzles, riddles and clues lead to but your team will explore the following waterfront neighborhoods in San Francisco, as time permits. Fisherman’s Wharf North Beach Telegraph Hill

When, Where and Who Can Ride

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