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What is the Segway Personal Transporter (PT)?

When Dean Kamen unveiled the Segway Personal Transporter (PT) on ABC's Good Morning America, he described the machine as "the world's first self-balancing human transporter." When you look at the machine in motion, you get an idea of what he's talking about. Unlike a car, the Segway PT only has two wheels,yet it manages to stay upright by itself.

To move forward or backward on the Segway PT, the rider just leans slightly forward or backward. To turn left or right, the rider simply moves the LeanSteer frame left or right. You get the sense of power and speed, yet you also feel a sense of safety and absolute control. It all feels natural, safe, and instinctive.

The Segway PT can take you places that a car or bicycle can't - including inside many stores, office buildings,businesses, airports, elevators, and trains. Although they're ideal for short jaunts, Segway PTs can travel as far as 24 miles/38 km on a single battery charge, depending on terrain, payload, and riding style.

Like any invention that's ahead of its time, the Segway PT is often misunderstood. The gleeful smiles of Segway PT riders may have created an impression that this is ...well...a toy.But make no mistake. While a Segway PT is incredibly fun to ride, it is serious transportation designed for today's world.

Keep it Green

As a leader in two-wheeled electric mobility, it's always been Segway's vision to produce environmentally friendly short-distance transportation alternatives. Today, more and more people are using the Segway PT as an eco-friendly alternative for many of the short journeys that are typically made by car. In fact, The EPA estimates that Americans take 900 million car journeys every day, but did you know that half of these trips are less than five miles long and are by solo drivers? Here is what would happen if you replaced some of those car trips with a Segway PT:

If we are able to replace 10% of 900 million 3 mile car trips with an eco-friendly Segway PT there would be:
6.2 million fewer gallons of gas consumed.
286 million fewer pounds of CO2 emitted everyday.

The Segway PT has many benefits for you and the environment: less gas to buy, easier to park, and less wear on your car. It can also help reduce the impact of global warming by reducing our greenhouse gas output and consumption of imported fossil fuels.

Zero Emissions

Zero-emissions are given off during operation, allowing you to go indoors with your Segway PT. It does draw electric power during recharge, but that electricity causes fourteen times less greenhouse gas emissions (PDF) than driving a car. After one year on your Segway PT you would have literally saved a ton of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere. (in fact it's probably more than that, a ton is based on average MPG, while most short distance driving results in much lower mileage.)

Environmentally Friendly

When gliding on a Segway PT, you're doing more than just shifting your consumption from petroleum to electric. Everything about the PT was designed to use electricity as efficiently as possible. When you dig a little deeper, and compare the source fuel (petroleum vs. the fuel mix used to produce electricity), plus the cost of distributing or transporting the power, the Segway PT is eleven times more efficient than the average American car, and over three times more efficient than even the highest-mileage scooters.

Take it indoors or out. Go fast or go slow. With the i2, all of your local transportation needs are met in one modern, balanced, intelligent machine.

Completely versatile and consistently enjoyable, the i2 is ideal in more ways than one. Not only does it take you out of rush-hour traffic and away from congested parking lots, it's battery operated, totally wireless, and intuitively moves where your body tells it to.

i2 Specifications:

SPEED: Top speed

12.5 mph / 20 km/h - Top speed can be set by rider.


16-24 miles / 26-39 km per charge. The range varies with terrain and riding style.



When stored and charged at room temperature, the i Series can operate in environments ranging from 14 F (-10 C) to 122 F (50 C). Actual performance is dependent on battery temperature, terrain and riding style.


Designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Additional x2 and Golf Models are available for off road and golf course use.


Rider: 100-250 lbs (45-113 kg) Rider & Optional Cargo: 260 lbs (118 kg)
The Segway can carry up to a 250 lb. adult. It can also be fitted with Segway Cargo Accessories for a total capacity of 260 lbs.


Platform height: 8.5 in (22 cm) Footprint: 19 x 25 in (48 x 64 cm) The Segway i2 is dsigned to take up no more space than the average person. About as wide as the average person's shoulders, it raises you 8 inches off the ground, providing a clear sight line of your surroundings.



105 lbs (48 kg) Portability was a key design objective. That's why we made the Segway i2 light enough to handle, small enough to store in the trunk of a midsize sedan, and collapsible enough to fit in tight storage spaces.


One characteristic of a pedestrian is the ability to turn in place without impacting any nearby person or object, something few vehicles can do. By balancing on a single axle, Segway i2 users can also turn in place.

POWER: Lithium Ion Battery Packs

Segway Inc. has been working with Valence Technology, a leading developer of safe, efficient, energy delivery systems to develop a lithium-ion battery for use with the Segway HT. The new Segway Lithium-ion Battery Pack features Valence's proprietary phosphate-based Saphion lithium-ion technology.Saphion is safe and stable, which makes it ideal for everyday use.

Segway's lithium-ion batteries offer customers the value of longer range and the convenience of spending less total time on the charger. This new offering also increases the Segway HT's utility in service industries such as security details and courier service. Range, battery life and recharge times can be affected by factors such as terrain, temperature, speed of operation, rider weight and load, proper storage techniques and environmental conditions.

Built in Charger 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hx Recharge Time: 8-10 Hours



Redundant electrical systems. Robust mechanical systems.

Safety is our top priority in both design and operation. To help ensure that both Segway PT users and those near them remain safe, we built redundancy into the balancing and electrical systems. If any system begins operating at diminished capacity, the other is programmed to assume responsibility. This allows the Segway PT to maintain balance and bring the rider to a safe stop. The highest design standards were implemented in building the Segway i2's mechanical structures, and each part has been thoroughly tested and analyzed to ensure such high standards Were met.

Information provided by Segway LLC Specs subject to change without notice.